Santa Barbara Dance Instructor - Nigel Clarke

Santa Barbara Dance Instructor - Nigel Clarke
Dance Instructor - Nigel Clarke

Nigel Clarke
Former British & US Champion
Professional Dance Instructor
[email protected]

Nigel has won or has been a finalist in nearly every major ballroom dance championship in England and in the United States. He climbed to the top of the dance world through hard work and determination, coming from a family with little money, but with unbelievable support and faith that he could succeed. 

Nigel began dancing in 1976 at the age of ten, and in only six months, he had taken and passed his Bronze medal in ballroom dancing. This led to the start of Nigel’s competition life, and in only his third competition, which was the International Championships at Royal Albert Hall in London, Nigel and his partner made the top six out of fifty-two couples from all over the world.

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