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Gregory R. LoweEstate Planning:

Whether new Estate Planning clients have no plan and are at the beginning of the  process or have encountered a problem with their existing plan makes no difference to me. I welcome both kinds of clients. Each case presents new facts and requires new creative solutions which is what I enjoy about Estate Planning. I also enjoy  Estate Planning in that it can proactively avoid future family and other problems. I  charge a reasonable fee to prepare your Will and Trust and all important attendant  documents including Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directive, and retitling of real  and personal property.

Family Law/Divorce:

This difficult area of law presents challenges for the parties and the attorneys. I pride myself in being able to accurately assess my client's needs and form a practical plan to achieve those needs. I keep in close contact with my clients so that they are an informed participant in the process. If opposing counsel is involved I  stay focused on the law and the facts and finding a practical solution to the conflict while treating all parties with respect.


For individuals with significant consumer debt Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can bring great relief. If your income is not too high and your assets are not too great, then you can usually get complete unsecured debt relief (other than an assortment of debts  that are not dischargeable) and retain possession and ownership of most or all your  property. Once again, I provide this service  at a fee that is reasonable.                       

Civil Litigation:

Whether the dispute is  about  real property,  debt  collection , contracts , negligence , business or personal , civil litigation is a complex area requiring careful analysis. Without an analysis each step along the way,  litigation costs will quickly consume the parties. The legal issues must be thoroughly understood and a  cost/benefit must be ongoing throughout the process. I am particularly skilled in reducing exorbitant legal fees and costs.


I began my mediation practice in 1995 and have mediated over 200 cases. I believe in the empowerment that occurs when the parties enter directly into the dispute resolution process. If the parties are willing, any dispute can be resolved and usually at a fraction of the cost of litigation.

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