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SECURE PRO - Smart Home and Office Security
Doug Weinstein
Doug Weinstein

Doug Weinstein
Channel Manager
117 N Milpas Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
P: 805.272.9255 x732

Complete Physical Security for Business or Home

Secure your commercial premises to protect what you’ve built.

We provide:

Fully integrated systems: burglar and intrusion alarms, access control, video, fire, gunshot detection, emergency notification and guard services.
Complimentary consultations and free estimates from experienced technicians.

Systems that can grow to keep up with your growing business and technological advances.

Get full-circle support from a single vendor. We partner with your company to provide everything from security to automation, networks, digital signage and more.

What You Get

Customizable Alerts

Receive text and video alerts for the events you want to know about.

View Live Video From Your Phone

Keep an eye on your employees and customer activities from anywhere in the world.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Do-it-yourself options require you to be “on call” to review any security alerts. Truly relax during your off hours and leave monitoring to us, knowing that your premises is protected.

Arm and Disarm From Any Device

Check up on the closing shift from the comfort of your home – one glance at the app will let you know if they turned the system on. Or, if your morning shift lead calls in sick, you can open the doors for employees from anywhere. Control from your phone, tablet, Mac, PC or smart watch.

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