Joe Fournier - Owner of Loco's Bumper Repair And Headlight Restoration

Joe Fournier Bumper Repair And Headlight Restoration

Loco's Bumper Repair And Headlight Restoration

1023 E Ortega St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
[email protected]

Locos One Stop Auto Recon LLC. was established in 2010 to provide convenient, fast, and affordable auto services to customers who do not have the time or money to hand over their cars to expensive auto body shops for days at a time for repairs. Locos Mobile Bumper Repair, Headlight Restoration & Replacement, and Car Paint Repair services have proved to be exactly what customers are looking for.

Joe resides in Santa Barbara, California and is an active role model and positive contributor to his community. He volunteers with the American Cancer Society; he is a member of the Goleta Chamber of Commerce and a volunteer at the annual Lemon Festival. In addition, he volunteers with the Wounded Warrior Project, a program that offers support for veterans facing challenges when they return from war.

He enjoys the pleasures of the Santa Barbara lifestyle: hiking, biking, swimming and participating in the many local festivals. He is the proud father of five amazing children and two beautiful grandchildren.

When you talk to Joe Fournier, the thread that runs through the conversation is service: service to his country, service to his clients and service to his community. Joe believes that we are all equal, we are all important and we all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, no matter what our station in life.

Even as a child Joe loved to help. His motto could be: “If I can help I will. If I can find a way to go above and beyond what’s required, that’s what I’ll do.” His greatest joy comes in seeing the smile on the face of someone he helped and knowing that he made a difference.

bronze_starJoe is a decorated veteran: he was awarded the Bronze Star for service in Iraq. His experience there showed him how fleeting life can be, how quickly everything can change – and how important it is, as an individual, to always do the right thing.

Previously he served in Korea, Germany, Poland, Alaska, Kuwait, other international locations and throughout the U.S. However, he was no stranger to foreign countries, having grown up in a military family that was frequently deployed to Europe and various locations around the US.

As a child and young adult, cars, engines, and airplanes fascinated him. It’s no wonder that, after retiring from the military, he started a business where he can be around cars all day long. His mobile bumper and headlight repair business brings quick service to clients in their homes or workplaces, without disrupting their days and at prices well below those of body shops.

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