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Stephanie Gombrelli - Founder of CrushTabs Natural Toothpaste

Be Well Labs

President of Be Well Labs

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CrushTabs is the newest toothpaste for the health and wellness obsessed, though it’s not actually a paste. The tiny, bear-shaped tablet, launched by Santa Barbara’s Be Well Labs this past February, features a simple and natural formula of xylitol, organic peppermint essential oil, and baking soda. Billing her product as “The Healthiest Toothpaste on Earth,” creator Stephanie Gombrelli is challenging consumers to take a close look at their current toothpaste ingredients, which she says too often “read like a mad scientist’s chemistry shopping list.”

Despite a lack of artificial flavoring or sugar, CrushTabs are surprisingly sweet: the pellet looks and tastes like a breath mint but dissolves immediately when placed in the mouth. Because of its uncomplicated composition, using a toothbrush with the tablet feels more like using a gentle mouthwash than brushing using commercial toothpaste. The product is well suited for on-the-go purposes, even when a toothbrush needs not to be used — simply chewing and spitting out the mix provides fresh breath and kills bacteria that accumulates over the day. “It can be used stealthily in your car, at a restaurant, at your desk, or in a waiting room with only a cup,” explained Gombrelli.

Be Well Labs is the outcome of Gombrelli’s 14-year career as the owner of Forever Beautiful Spa — a wellness center on State Street focused on “healthy beauty” — and four years of research on healthy hygiene alternatives. The startup company has also released a unique flossing method called CrushFloss, a gum-soothing oil called CrushOil, and a tablet-holding key chain called a CrushBullet. All of the products align with Gombrelli’s goal of “giving consumers the option of living their healthiest lives without harsh chemicals or pollutants.”

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