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Wayne Cassriel

TKG Financial
3757 State St., Suite 3A
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Local: 805-962-2900
Toll Free: 800-472-9918
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Wayne Cassriel has been assisting clients with prudent wealth management for over 20 years. He brings a breadth of knowledge and has consulted on a wide variety of financial planning issues to the benefit of clients.

“TKG Financial was founded with the appreciation that success is encouraged by aligned interests. When you approach investing from the most appropriate perspective, you put yourself in the shoes of your investors. The simplicity of true independence provides a realistic path to that perspective.”

Our Perspective

We believe that investors benefit when their advisors are not burdened with production quotas or incentivized to sell proprietary products, and that advisors shouldn’t have to sacrifice back office support or compliance oversight in order to gain that autonomy. Our advisor support solutions provide investment professionals the tools and freedom they need in order to develop innovative and unbiased financial solutions.

Our Passion

Our approach, a result of first-hand experience and industry vision, not only defines us but differentiates us. Practicality tempers expectations, but our passion and knowledge yield absolute confidence. We are well aware of the hurdles investors face in today’s economic environment, and strive to overcome them by empowering our advisors who manage their respective investor relationships.

Our Priorities

We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining successful partnerships with our advisors and our clients as we help them succeed in today’s rapidly evolving financial marketplace. To accomplish this we offer independent advisors a platform that inspires an entrepreneurial approach to investing, and encourages open and ongoing communication.

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